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The TSA and Sexual Immodesty

I know this is a religious blog, focusing mostly on the application of the new evangelization to parish life, but I am so enraged about the hideous sexual immodesty of the bureaucrats at the TSA and their new procedures. I believe that this government has gone way too far in its pursuit of perfect safety and security. 

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Actually, I don't believe the gov't cares one bit about our safety or security, but rather that these machines are just another part of the Military-Industrial-Gov't Complex. After all, the former head of the TSA who got the ball rolling on these machines in US airports is now the head of the company that makes them! (State-Corporatism)

 So, when you go through security and they think your pants or skirt is too baggy, or if you set off the metal detector twice in a row, the TSA will either a.) subject a person to a x-ray scan that takes a nude photograph of them or, b.) you can opt-out of the porno-scan for an invasive groping.

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