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The TSA and Sexual Immodesty

I know this is a religious blog, focusing mostly on the application of the new evangelization to parish life, but I am so enraged about the hideous sexual immodesty of the bureaucrats at the TSA and their new procedures. I believe that this government has gone way too far in its pursuit of perfect safety and security. 

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Actually, I don't believe the gov't cares one bit about our safety or security, but rather that these machines are just another part of the Military-Industrial-Gov't Complex. After all, the former head of the TSA who got the ball rolling on these machines in US airports is now the head of the company that makes them! (State-Corporatism)

 So, when you go through security and they think your pants or skirt is too baggy, or if you set off the metal detector twice in a row, the TSA will either a.) subject a person to a x-ray scan that takes a nude photograph of them or, b.) you can opt-out of the porno-scan for an invasive groping.

I am disgusted that our Legislative and Executive branches are allowing this to happen, despite the fact that this is not what makes us safer. The government is stealing our liberties all in the name of safety, but this new sexual imposition, this molestation, has got to end.

After all, it was Ben Franklin who so famously said: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Do Americans, and Christians in particular, care enough to stop this TSA sexual assault on our liberties, our wives, sisters, and children? It is an outrage, but maybe more outrageous that we aren't doing anything about it. Some people have stepped up, though. Some cracks in the police-state have emerged.

With the porno-scans the TSA originally said that the photo files cannot be saved and cannot be exported (like through an email). Then, once the scanners were in a handfull of airports in the US, it turns out that they were being both saved and emailed! No outcry there. Just idiots saying, "If it keeps the terrorists off our planes, I'm ok with it! I've got nothing to hide. Do you?"

TSA agents at one airport scanned each other in the machine as part of training. One guy's privates were seen and his co-workers made fun of him for days. When the guy couldn't take it anymore, he waited for the main co-worker/bully in the parking lot with a baton, and beat him bad. Needless to say, it's not funny anymore to him. 

If you are ragin' angry like me check out the stuff below. Here are some resources for you:


-Ron Paul's legislation to stop the TSA's porn-scans and invasive grope-fests.

-Becky Akers, a Christian woman who has been monitoring the unaccountable bureaucrats at the TSA for the past 6 years, has an article archive here at LewRockwell.com

-Penn Jillette, famous comedian and magician, as well as a libertarian activist, talks about his groping by a TSA agent and how they tried to get rid of his complaint. Republished on the Drudge Report.

-Finally, this "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" YouTube video of what Ron Paul said on the House floor.