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Preach. Teach. Challenge. Change.


That Christ May Be Made Known

My name is Michael Gormley (AKA, Gomer), and I've been working for the Church since 2005 making lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. I have always been involved in parish ministry because I believe that speakers or retreat leaders with canned talks and presentations, but not with ongoing discipleship experiences, have lost something essential to their task.

I work with individuals, staff, faculties, parishes, and dioceses in a variety of ways in order to bring about the new evangelization of God's People. I do consultations and trainings as well as talks and parish missions, all of which are focused on bringing people to a place of deep repentance, saving faith, and joyful community. 

Christ sends us all out to be coworkers in his vineyard, lay, religious, and clergy alike. If you would like help forming missionary disciples (who wouldn't?) in your parish, school, or event, contact me and we can shoulder the gospel together.




Houston, Texas


(713) 294-6258

My latest podcast. I partner with Dave VanVickle and Ascension Press to give you incredibly practical advice on evangelization, discipleship, and spiritual living.

My latest podcast. I partner with Dave VanVickle and Ascension Press to give you incredibly practical advice on evangelization, discipleship, and spiritual living.


Making Christ the center.

Running a parish is hard work. In the midst of the busyness, a retreat and training for your parish staff on discipleship and evangelization might just be what you need.


Areas of Practice

YOUTH & Young Adults

I spent 10 years as a youth minister for high school, and middle school students, and now I lead retreats and events for parishes and dioceses. I'm a speaker for both Steubenville Youth Conferences and the Encounter Young Adult Conferences.


This is the most challenging and most rewarding part of my work with parishes. I bring the gospel to people who put up barriers to God's love. I help people repent and have faith. With some parishes, we will develop a parish mission to launch the people into small groups or an evangelization initiative at the parish.

Adult formation

I oversee 39 ministries and retreats for my parish of 7,000 families to transform my parish into a house of lay formation, equipping them for prayer, study, community, evangelism, and service. I am developing a "Simplified Church" model for mega-parishes.

church staff training

Changing the culture of a parish is like turning an aircraft carrier around: it's slower than you hope. I have worked for 10+ parish staffs to not just train them on evangelism, but to help them cast vision for their volunteers and key leaders in order to bring about that beautiful transformation from maintenance to mission.


Co-host of Catching Foxes, a massively popular weekly podcast show for Catholics, with over 1 million downloads. Creator of numerous home-based small groups that are led all over the country for free via YouTube. I have 150+ free talks on SoundCloud.

working with priests

God love priests! I have worked with dozens of pastors and parochial vicars in bringing the joy of the gospel back into their ministry. My specific consulting in this area is to help pastors better promote the "apostolate of the laity" as Vatican II desired, by coaching them in the proper way to empower lay missionary disciples.



The lay faithful, precisely because they are members of the Church, have the vocation and mission of proclaiming the Gospel
— Pope John Paul II


Let's Chat.

I want to work with you and within your budget. I do NOT charge per talk, but only for my time, because the Gospel should be freely given. Online video coaching and consulting, in person staff retreats/trainings, and school retreats/trainings, are additional ways that we can partner together.

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