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Find out about the mission, projects, and how to partner with me, Mike Gormley, in the new evangelization. LayEvangelist builds bridges of inspiration and conviction to diverse audiences around the country and the world (i.e. Canada).

Maybe the projects we are developing can be connected to your ministry as a catalyst for conversion and disciple-making.

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The New Evangelization

Everyone is talking about the New Evangelization, but talk is not enough. Partnering together, we actually engage in evangelization. My name is Michael "Gomer" Gormley and I've been connecting with parishes, schools and Catholic organizations for 10 years to spread the new evangelization. From parish missions to Confirmation retreats, from parish staff training to catechist workshops, together we can bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every Catholic in the pew and every person in your neighborhood. Join me. I promise it'll be uncomfortable, but worth every second!



This is a blog for the practitioners of the New Evangelization, whether you are a youth ministry volunteer, a paid parish staffer, a diocesan desk jockey, or a traveling speaker with your own Amazon Author page. I try to deliver content on topics that are relevant to our work as prophets of a future not our own.