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A Keynote Presentation, this time for the EDGE

We had a middle school night on the upcoming changes in the liturgy. What I wanted to do was build off of the idea of cultivating silence. So, borrowing from a night written for high school students, we did a "silent talk". I had one of my Teen Assistants, the wonderful Bianca, walk up to the stage, remove the microphone, set it on the floor, and as the room went dark the screen displayed the following 20+ slides.


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a stumbling block for the Revised Roman Missal

I was at a gathering of ministry leaders the other day and I found out why some people had such a huge resistance to the new Roman Missal English translation. The sad thing is, it is all based on a huge misunderstanding, which means there is an opportunity for solid catechesis.

First thing's first, the people who were angriest were the oldest. They represented the mid-60's and older crowd. Not a single young adult or middle-aged person was upset about this third revision. As I noticed this, I began asking some questions to them as to why they were angry.

That's when I discovered the huge misunderstanding.

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Address from Bishop Conley on New Mass Translation

You ought to read this address given by the man in charge of implementing the corrected translation of the Roman Missal into English for the Archdiocese of Denver, Bishop James Conley.

This is superb, properly framed in Catholic theology and liturgical tradition, and just down right inspiring.

Sing a New Song with Your Lives


Here are some quotes that are illustrative: 

Let me say this: I’m very excited about the changes that are coming and about the opportunities we have for an authentic liturgical renewal. Practically speaking, implementing the new Missal means that all of us will be learning new translations of long-familiar prayers and responses. This makes it a perfect moment in the life of the Church for a new “eucharistic catechesis”.

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Liturgical Catechesis

The new and corrected translation of the Roman Missal is coming at Advent to a parish near you. This means that the changes in wording, call and response, will be a difficult and lengthy process of adjustment. There are already a bunch of people who are angry that it is even happening at all. Catholic publications and secular press alike have expressed reservations or have outright attacked the new translation and warned against its widespread use.

I think such concerns are way overblown in every way except one. This could actually be a smooth transition, a teachable moment, and a great source of renewal in the English speaking world were it not for that one thing that concerns me.

I just don't think the Catholic Church in America is all that great with liturgical catechesis.

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