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Dangerous, Stupid, and Hilarious

Here are some photos of what happens when silly people take over the liturgy. These pictures were taken at a cathedral in Austrailia in 2008. I got them from a blog on Oz's liturgy. The post was entitled Gospel with a Double Sommersault and Pike - Degree of Difficulty?

They were just too funny to not post. Followed are some Cardinal Ratzinger quotes on the liturgy.


Are you kidding me? What 70's M.A. program taught this liturgist that this would be a good idea. I'm all for creativity and the arts, but the experience of the sacred is not a playground for choreography.

I wonder what that guy is staring at...


I think that little boy, looks about 12, is probably terrified that his mom volunteered him for this, just like she volunteered him for Tap and Jazz classes when he was 8.


Here's some quotes to think about when viewing these pictures from our Pope before he was our Pope. I got them from an article written by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on InsideCatholic.com.

"Today we might ask: Is there a Latin Rite at all any more? Certainly there is no awareness of it. To most people the liturgy seems to be rather something for the individual congregation to arrange. Core groups make up their own 'liturgies' from week to week, with an enthusiasm which is as amazing as it is misplaced."

"[T]he obligatory character of the essential parts of the liturgy also guarantees the true freedom of the faithful: it makes sure that they are not victims of something fabricated by an individual or group, that they are sharing in the same liturgy that binds the priest, the bishop and the pope. In the liturgy, we are all given the freedom to appropriate, in our own personal way, the mystery which addresses us." ... "Those able to draw up [manufactured] liturgies are necessarily few in number, with the result that what is 'freedom' for them means 'domination' as it affects others."