62 Exacerbating Angels with Jackie and Bobby

This is a fun episode with two moderately decent people. Jackie is a famous Catholic musician and speaker, who performs for groups large and small. Bobby is a Catholic School teacher, a bearded gentleman, and a lover of Mumford and Sons. 

This episode is light-hearted, except that Gomer drank a few beers and started dominating the conversation. 

61 Sexual Addiction with Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo

Sexual addiction is more than just the acting out, yet we tend to focus almost exclusively on the external results of an internal wound (or wounds). Like many people who talk about their sexual addiction, such as Audrey Assad, a lot of this starts with family of origin issues. 

The man we interview, whom we respectfully call Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo, started attending Sex Addicts Anonymous when he was 19 years old. He was living a double life and hated it: giving a theology of the body talk in the evening, and then meeting strangers for sexual hookups in dangerous places. 

This is a powerful interview.

Before coming to Sex Addicts Anonymous, many of us never knew that our problem had a name. All we knew was that we couldn’t control our sexual behavior. For us, sex was a consuming way of life. Although the details of our stories were different, our problem was the same. We were addicted to sexual behaviors that we returned to over and over, despite the consequences.
— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 3

60 #This Catfish Girl

Catholic Twitter was delivered a crushing blow by one of its own members. Turns out, dozens of people, especially a college student and author named Chad, were catfished, which means essentially that you form a relationship with someone via social media and the whole time they are only pretending to be that person. (Here's an actual Catholic News Agency article on it.)

Luke finds it hilarious. I do too, but only because I wasn't involved and am not really a part of Catholic Twitter, being too busy watching the Apple Keynote a few dozen times. But Luke masterfully connects this incident of catfishing to a wider issue, the ANIMA TECHNICA VACUA.

Also, Luke is annoyed somewhat that people are taking this waaaay too seriously. For example: "As I consider ThisCatholicGirl in light of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, I am going to be honest—this is a conversation I am hesitant to have, because behind the public personas of the handle and Chase’s blog," (Marina Olson, Patheos Eating Peaches blog, emphasis mine)

Also, there some South Park references and a whole slew of "tiny penis" jokes, but I can neither confirm nor deny their validity.

Finally, Matt Fradd is apparently catfishing all of us. The real person behind the mask? An actual catfish named Whiskers. 

Also, buy his book, Pints with Aquinas


59 You Keep Using That Word with Everett Fritz

Everett Fritz likes to lob grenades at our presuppositions regarding large group ministry. He took a long, hard look at his youth group and realized only 10% or less were actually following Jesus Christ. Those that were following Christ were not just youth group attendees, but also personally mentored by him or others. That's when he realized discipleship isn't a program or an event. It's getting involved in people's lives and letting them get involved in yours on a personal level. And that cannot be done for the crowds.

Discipleship matters. He even wrote a book about breaking free from pornography through his discipleship approach. His book Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation looks at victory over porn and masturbation addiction through the lens of following Christ. It's written for men because those are the people he mentors.

This episode has some controversial stuff born out of a frustrations and also out of love. Just give it a listen, take a breath, and snag whatever insight you can. Also be on the lookout for his next book on discipleship in Catholic youth ministry, which should be out by November.

Then there is this... The Big M by Lust Control


58 The Return of 10 Minute Topics!

So the regular host, Matt Fradd, couldn't be here today. So we had to drag Luke back out from the freezer, thaw him out, and unleash him on AMERICA'S FAVORITE PODCAST THEME: 10 MINUTE TOPICS!

And we don't really stay to 10 minutes on any of them.

Thanks to BenSound.com for the show music. Also, thanks to YouTube for letting me fair use the crap out of the Stranger Things Main Title song!

57 Don't Be A Jerk with Matt Fradd

Gomer gets to interview Matt Fradd, America's Favorite Austrailian, for the show. I thought we would talk about his amazing new book, Pints With Aquinas: 50+ Deep Thoughts from the Angelic Doctor, the entire time, but it turns out he wanted to talk about how to argue philosophically without being a jerk. Only slightly choice language in this episode.


Thanks to BenSound.com for the royalty free music! 

56 The NewlyWed Game Show

Americans divorce most often at 18 months and at 8 years. Luke is coming up on 18 months and I just rounded by 7th year, so we take stock and reflect on our marriages. WARNING: sexy questions and occasional sexy answer ahead. Please do not listen in the presence of a minor, the elderly, and without a glass of alcohol in your hands!

55 Thank You. Smiley Face. with Fr James Martin

The editor-at-large for America Magazine and author of numerous books on the faith, we interview Fr James Martin, SJ. From corporation living to Jesuit Order, he tells us why he left the world of finance for p;overty, chastity and obedience. We also dives into what the 12 years of Jesuit formation is like, which is crazy fascinating and sounds exhausting.

Then we break into the topic of Pope Francis. We talk about his Jesuitness, what it did for the Jesuits internally, and his relationship to the last two popes. This leads us into a great discussion of a common theme here on Catching Foxes: the division of Catholics into Conservative and Progressive, Right and Left, blah blah blah.

Finally, we talk about haters on Twitter who call him a heretic for his more controversial tweets, and how he deals with it. ("I can't come to Compline, there's someone wrong on the Internet!")

54 A Gomer will save us

We open talking about Apple products and their over-design that just doesn't make sense and is making Gomer kind of crazy in a First World Problem sort of way.

Songs of Gomer's heroism

  • I need a hero
  • we could be heroes - david bowie or the wallflowers
  • Mariah - and then a hero comes along
  • Nickleback - hero

Remember that terrible Puddle of Mudd song where they sing,  "I like your pants around your feet?" Well we got a story about that. But more importantly, Luke thought it said, "I like your pants around your face." WELL IT TURNS OUT IT'S NICKLEBACK!!! It's called "Figured You Out" apparently. Apparently...

Spider-Man 3’s demo scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtx18tPNda4 

Then we talk about accidental racism, sexism, bigotry, and how we tend to defend our motivations instead of changing our actions. Also, "people first."

Luke gives us a Ghostbusters review from The Incomparable podcast, episode 310 “I hated Mrs Slimer”.

FINALLY, Gomer is a Hero and he tells his self-aggrandizing tale of intervening in a domestic dispute. Luke longs for a news report to be about a "local podcaster" being a hero and encouraging everyone to leave iTunes reviews. 

But more importantly, we talk about her reactions to the abuse and assistance. She is constantly apologizing for being abused. Luke connects this to a common thing in movies where women are constantly trying to prop up men's emotional states and apologize for everything, even if it isn't their fault. This horrible tale ends with my innocent daughter Kateri making fun of me.

Possible Alternative Show Titles

  • NuMetal Harry Potter
  • A gomer can save you
  • A gomer- some people hear it, some people fear it
  • The Humblebrag
  • Your thoughts?

53 Greg Has Opinions! Part Two

52 Greg Has Opinions! part one

If you wrote a review on iTunes for our podcast: THANK YOU! The contest is officially over, but we still appreciate all that you did for us.



We covered a little bit of everything from the viewpoint of everyone's favorite only black friend, Greg! First Greg starts us off slow by asserting that Traddies are frustrated whites who want a Euro-centric mass that was perfectly fine till those other people showed up and started worshipping! Then we talk the travails of Franciscan University (DRINK!). Then we walk through a list of First Ladies we think are attractive (answer: Barbara Bush), but this was only a side note.

Greg then tells us his fool proof way to get people back into Church: care about the liturgy. I guess one slogan could be, "Make Mass Badass Again". 

Finally, we get into the Trump. This is over a month before last week's rolling disaster that was the RNC (Scott Baio?!), but Greg wants to give us a measured take on the man and those who vote for him. We even talk about the way black are allowed to be racist vs. Azealia Banks' racism.

Andrew Sullivan's Article: America Has Never Been More Ripe for Tyranny

Finally we talk about A Comedian's Truth, Cynicism, and the danger of the Bubbles we create.


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51 - Jamie Lannister is the Michael W Smith of GOT

Originally recorded on July 05, 2016

Overcome with amazement, we talk Game of Thrones. The Season Six final two episodes were a phenomenal ending to a season. Probably the best ending to any season of any TV show ever. (looking at you, Lost.)

We discuss the revelation of fan theories being confirmed (R+L=J), Gomer postulates that the White Walkers will actually win because George R. R. Martin hates us that much, how season six is the rise of the Ladies (Sansa, Cercei, the Sand Snakes, the Unburnt and her dragons, the Queen of the Iron Isles), and how Jamie Lannister will go west, young man, like Michael W Smith.

(Game of Throne Theme song is copyright of HBO. Thanks, fair use!)

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Remember, TeamMichael or TeamLuke at checkout gets you 10% off!

Remember, TeamMichael or TeamLuke at checkout gets you 10% off!

50 - How Far is Too Far

Luke tells us a hilarious tale about this one time at Franciscan (drink!) that he auditioned for Macbeth and was shunned by theater nerds. This opens us up to talk about Luke's love life and past relationships, a common theme here at Catching Foxes. Then we talk about Lethal Weapon and My Cousin Vinny for a few moments, as well as having the priest face East during Mass.

Then we enter the fray. How far is too far? This is the question that drives us back into Luke's love life, but only after Gomer tells a 4 minute story about being a pubescent boy with wild hormones trying to control himself in the presence of a girl. Yes, it's about erections. Yes, it's hilarious. And yes, most humans should probably just skip it. (Get Overcast as your podcast player and it'll show you chapters so you can skip to the next part! or re-listen!)

We discuss (not instruct!) about balance, dating, experimenting, failing, and what it means to obey the moral laws on sexuality and to live the virtues within those laws. 

We end it with Luke's shocking declaration that he is addicted to his iPhone and will be giving it up for at least 90 days. He's getting a dumb phone, an old iPod, and I guess some road maps to figure out how to get around town. He's addicted. 

We end with a contest: Write a review on iTunes and we will enter you in a contest (US Residents only!) to win After Virtue (or some other book). Only those who enter today (Friday, July 8, 2016) are eligible. I will gather all new reviews, put them in a hat, draw the winner and announce the winner in two weeks (after work trips are done). Direct message us on Twitter or Facebook if you're the name we chose to get your winnings!

That's me in 8th grade. The guy who pants'd me is staring right at me. Probably scheming to do it again!

That's me in 8th grade. The guy who pants'd me is staring right at me. Probably scheming to do it again!

48 You'd Better Be Alone

First, Luke apologizes. Second, we start talking about expectations. Third, we stop talking about that other stuff and only talk about MeWithoutYou, the greatest band of all time.

I just want you to like this band. They brought Luke and I together. Now look at us! Two pathetically handsome men whining about their problems to a national audience!

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47 Twenty Minutes of Privilege

Luke and I get caught up after Luke's stroke, we talk about some fun stuff, then we do our first ad read for a product that we love and currently use, Barbatus Beard Balm from CatholicBalm.co. After the silliness and the product placement, we dive into the Stanford Sexual Assault case with Brock Turner, who is from Luke's home town of Oakwood, Ohio.

I have added two news reports throughout the conversation. One is from NBC news recounting some of the sexual assault and the other is from CNN News anchor Ashleigh Banfield as she read the entire 13 page victim statement to Brock Turner. We excerpted it to the relevant parts of the show because it hits like a bomb. You should read her letter in full from Buzzfeed.

Show Notes





Sponsor: Catholic Balm Co

Head over to CatholicBalm.co and buy some beard balm, a lotion stick (pretty awesome), and some Little Flower inspired lip balm. This stuff is all handmade in small batches, is all natural, and smells amazing. I'm not kidding you. I love smelling like Chrism.

When checking out use the term "TeamLuke" or "TeamMichael" (who's Michael?) and we will see who has the better fans. Be an adult and take care of your beard, your lips, and your skin!

46 The Infamous Sergio Dialogues with Dogs

Luke and Gomer get the great honor to interview The Infamous Sergio, a writer for Patheos and an all around good guy. In this episode he schools Gomer repeatedly on how to understand people who aren't  you, and continuously blows Luke's mind. We talk race, politics, Catholicism, and rap.

Follow him on Twitter

Passive Racism. Sergio explains rightly, We don't know they're adopted sisters, so what does this image tell a little black girl on the subway who sees this?

Passive Racism. Sergio explains rightly, We don't know they're adopted sisters, so what does this image tell a little black girl on the subway who sees this?

Image from Poetic Justice.

Image from Poetic Justice.

44 Interview with Eye of the Tiber

Eye of the Tiber: "We are proud to have recently been nominated for Best Catholic News Satire, narrowly losing out to the National Catholic Reporter, proving thus that, more trusted Catholic news sources aside, Eye of the Tiber is your most trusted Catholic news source."

We interview the founder and main author of the great Catholic pressure valve known as Eye of the Tiber. He's hilarious, has the thickest skin, and doesn't even do this for his day job.


Hilarious EOTT articles:

Woman Wearing Mantilla During Novus Ordo Clearly Batshit Crazy

Folk Mass Band Upset Over Masses Interrupting Their Concerts

Cardinal Kasper Adds Three Sacraments

Man Fondly Remembers Time When A Man Could Read Bible In Public Without Fear Of Being Ridiculed, Beheaded

Michael Voris Hair, Trump Hair Get Together For Drinks

Copyright, EOTT 2016

Copyright, EOTT 2016

There there is this: Umbert the Unborn

why God?

why God?

43 So I Told God that I Hate Him

Have you ever found your faith ...stalled? You see other people having "experiences" of God, but you are running on E with the gas light on and there seems to be no station in sight to refuel your faith. After dancing around the whole super-sensitive college student thing, Luke tells Gomer how recently in a time of rather dramatic prayer, he told God that he hates Him and hates feeling this way. If you can relate, then you should give this episode a listen.

In the end, we talk about the new Marvel movie, Captain America 3: Civil War, which I'm taking my wife and another couple out on a date to go see, and yes, I'm taking off of work to do it.

Super Important Announcement

I'm trying to build something big and beautiful at my parish called The Pentecost Vigil. It consists of gathering a bunch of Jesus followers in the church and begging God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our parish and in our city. It is a time of praise and intercession AND I WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT!

Starting today, Friday, May 6, I would love it if you started praying for your own parish's renewal by taking up the Novena to the Holy Spirit and praying it till the Vigil. Also, if you can get some people in your parish together for the prayer vigil, head over to our old friend Fr. Dave Pivonka's website www.thewildgooseisloose.com for more resources and you can register your parish in this worldwide Vigil. 

So for 9 days will you join us in fasting, prayer and praise in order to allow God's anointing to fall on our Church?