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52 Greg Has Opinions! part one

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We covered a little bit of everything from the viewpoint of everyone's favorite only black friend, Greg! First Greg starts us off slow by asserting that Traddies are frustrated whites who want a Euro-centric mass that was perfectly fine till those other people showed up and started worshipping! Then we talk the travails of Franciscan University (DRINK!). Then we walk through a list of First Ladies we think are attractive (answer: Barbara Bush), but this was only a side note.

Greg then tells us his fool proof way to get people back into Church: care about the liturgy. I guess one slogan could be, "Make Mass Badass Again". 

Finally, we get into the Trump. This is over a month before last week's rolling disaster that was the RNC (Scott Baio?!), but Greg wants to give us a measured take on the man and those who vote for him. We even talk about the way black are allowed to be racist vs. Azealia Banks' racism.

Andrew Sullivan's Article: America Has Never Been More Ripe for Tyranny

Finally we talk about A Comedian's Truth, Cynicism, and the danger of the Bubbles we create.


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