Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart

Catching Foxes

43 So I Told God that I Hate Him

Have you ever found your faith ...stalled? You see other people having "experiences" of God, but you are running on E with the gas light on and there seems to be no station in sight to refuel your faith. After dancing around the whole super-sensitive college student thing, Luke tells Gomer how recently in a time of rather dramatic prayer, he told God that he hates Him and hates feeling this way. If you can relate, then you should give this episode a listen.

In the end, we talk about the new Marvel movie, Captain America 3: Civil War, which I'm taking my wife and another couple out on a date to go see, and yes, I'm taking off of work to do it.

Super Important Announcement

I'm trying to build something big and beautiful at my parish called The Pentecost Vigil. It consists of gathering a bunch of Jesus followers in the church and begging God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our parish and in our city. It is a time of praise and intercession AND I WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT!

Starting today, Friday, May 6, I would love it if you started praying for your own parish's renewal by taking up the Novena to the Holy Spirit and praying it till the Vigil. Also, if you can get some people in your parish together for the prayer vigil, head over to our old friend Fr. Dave Pivonka's website www.thewildgooseisloose.com for more resources and you can register your parish in this worldwide Vigil. 

So for 9 days will you join us in fasting, prayer and praise in order to allow God's anointing to fall on our Church?

Michael Gormley