82 Leah Darrow Interview! Plus a Special Announcement


We get to talk with America's favorite Catholic, Leah Darrow, as we explore her roots in farm country, Oklahoma, what conference life is like for an introvert, and how she balances this stuff with family and fashion, which is still a good part of her life, but in a human way. We talk about some super interesting stuff like Slow Food, Slow Fashion and the whole Slow Culture. Fascinating!

79 On the Bus with Aaron Weiss

I got to interview Aaron Weiss, lead singer of mewithoutYou, a band that literally defined this podcast's title. It's a 35-minute interview on their tour bus, which Aaron was super-gracious in allowing me on board. I met his lovely wife and little daughter they nicknamed Birdie (and you'll hear her in the show!). We talk all things lyrics: inspiration, spirituality, Thomas Merton, and more.

At the end I hop on a phone call with Luke and Deacon Colin Parrish, who helped arrange the whole thing with their amazingly accommodating manager. I recap how the interview went down and Colin expresses why he got involved.

78 Locally World Famous

We discuss our amazing MEETUP and LIVE RECORDING at Deacon Baldy's on March 8 that all of you should buy a plane ticket and come out and hang out. 

A big THANK YOU to our fans who have downloaded this show from iTunes. We are ranked Number 178 out of the Top 200 in the Religion and Spirituality category. This means we were ranked higher than Bishop Barron's Sermons! Take that! (I love you, bishop Barron, please be on our show). 

In this episode, Gomer goes pee and Luke literally talks to himself, but I drown him out with The Girl from Ipanema. Like a gentleman.

We talk about Trump and the Johnson Amendment. Just remember that the Johnson Amendment was pushed by LBJ in 1954 to protect his re-election, because the local Christian groups in Texas were calling him a communist and he didn't want pastors preaching against him. Interesting, but it still has merits. I do not want my pastor telling me who to vote for, but at the same time, until 1954 all pastors and non-profits were able to do this. Blah.

Luke asks about how to talk to teens about death, and since my parish just experienced the death of a 20 year old, it was a very pertinent question. Hard, though. 

77 That Catholic Couple Rides Again

They are YouTube's dopest Catholic couple proving that Fun is Universal one video at a time. 

Luke and I interview "That Catholic Couple" for today's show, which is a dream-come-true (for them). This fine couple works hard to create a fun and Catholic show that respects the YouTube culture. We discuss "The Incident" that almost ended their show and how Luke saved the day (yeah, we retell that old story). Then we talk about how handsome Gomer is and that's pretty much where the show picks up.

You can find their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/ThatCatholicCouple


76 Interview with a Crooked Soul Named Ike Ndolo

For the first hour, we talk about the life and trials of a man who is a Catholic musician that travels the world bringing his own powerful presence to the stage. The second hour we talk about being a black son of African immigrants in America. This leads us into conversations about culture, being rootless, identity and the walls we Earthers tend to put up around us.

Ike Ndolo Music on Facebook

Ike Ndolo on the Interwebs

74 Their Modern Testament

Luke and I interview Brad and Kellie Farley, founders of www.ModernTestament.org and a couple in the midst of fighting to save their marriage from alcoholism and infidelity. They drew strength by hearing other people's nightmares, and how they made it out alive. Inspired by their stories of brokenness, hurt, and recovery, they began to fashion a website for people to do the same thing on a new kind of website. The Modern Testament is how you describe the Holy Spirit working in the midst of your brokenness. I'll let Brad tell it from his post on Medium:

For me, 2016 was getting fired for the first time, coming to the realization that I was a piece of shit person whose arrogance and selfishness put those around me in bad spots, dealing with a failing marriage, coming clean about 7 years of secrets and lies, and my wife’s first-hidden then public alcohol abuse.

Religion was my turning point. Always a casual Christian, I dove deep and found the inspiration to make real, substantial change. That’s not everyone’s driver though, but a simple fact remains: when we are vulnerable and honest with each other, pretensions fall and real connections can be made.

I have shared my testimony with many people and it has fostered much deeper relationships than I ever had before. So that’s what we want to do; connect people together through humility and vulnerability. We’re creating our own platform for it at www.moderntestament.org, but Medium is also a great vehicle too.

So, we want to publish stories of people being REAL — not just social-media-perfection-real, but really real with their struggles, pains, hopes, and saving graces. Let’s unite for good on the Internet, finally. Let’s connect those who need help to those who can.
— medium.com/themoderntestament

73 Mary Margaret is Single, An Interview

The single life as a Catholic adult can be difficult, even isolating. We interview Maggie, a friend from college, and have a conversation with her about that sweet, sweet freedom she still has (never let it go!). 

We talk loneliness, hobbies, happiness and family (Luke hits on her mom, again!). We talk about how break-ups change from your 20's to your 30's, and how Luke is a terrible, terrible dater.

We don't talk about chastity. Ever.

72 A Man Who Let the Fire Fall

"Father Mike was my brother..."

And with these words from Father Dave Pivonka, Franciscan TOR, we begin our Catching Foxes memorial of Fr. Mike Scanlan. To us, he was a spiritual giant, shaping our entire lives as well as the landscape of Catholicism in America. A Harvard Lawyer, a Roman Catholic priest, a Franciscan Friar, a Dean, a pivotal figure in the Charismatic Renewal, a pro-life legend, Fr Michael Scanlan, born 1931 in Long Island and died last Saturday, January 7, 2017, after a protracted illness, lived a singular life of grace.

In this episode Luke and I speak of his impact on our lives, which curiously ebbed and flowed with the homily Fr. Dave Pivonka gave at the University’s Memorial Service on January 11. So I commingled Fr. Dave’s words with our own discussion, as well as including a few choice quotes Franciscan University had gathered together so that you can get a sense of the man.

It is our sincere hope that you pray with Fr. Dave at the end of this episode and let Christ be the Lord of your life and let his Holy Spirit lead you into the path of peace. Fr Mike was a good man, a true priest, and a beautiful witness that God is still moving in our world today.

So here, on the day he was laid to rest at his Motherhouse in Loretto, Pennsylvania, Thursday, January 12, 2017, we hope that you too can trust God enough to LET THE FIRE FALL."

Franciscan University of Steubenville prepared a lovely homepage, "A Life of Grace," for Father Michael Scanlan, TOR to remember him and honor his life. You can find that here. Well done, Alma Mater!

This is the website to the Third Order Regular Franciscans to which Fr. Michael and Fr. Dave Pivonka both belonged: http://franciscanstor.org/ 

Lastly, buy this book: Let the Fire Fall, third edition 

71 The Highlight Reel

Explicit at parts, this is the official highlight reel of our show so far. I thought the end of 2016 would be a good time for a retrospective. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll learn. Enjoy my sound effects from one clip to another. We cover about 30 shows in here, so obviously we couldn't get everything and everyone we interview, but here are some gems.

Remember: Catching Foxes (only Luke though) and That Catholic Couple will be doing a Meet Up at the SEEK 2017 Conference in Bar Rojo at The Grand Hyatt Hotel. Head to the Facebook event page in case they need to switch locations at the last minute!

70 The Fat Show

This is Gomer's embarrassing moment. First we talk about accompanying someone who is trying to overcome a drug addiction, which leads us to the topic of interventions, which Gomer twists into a topic on his weight management problems. Also, WTF is wrong with gym/wrestling coaches from Oklahoma in the 90s?!

Reminder: That Catholic Couple and Catching Foxes* will be at the SEEK 2017 conference for a Meet Up on January 7th. Location To Be Determined by Luke responding to Daniel's text messages. 

69 Spoiler Alert We Got Divorced

The episode you've all been waiting for! (Mostly because we haven't released a new episode in two or three weeks. I blame the Russians!) 

In this episode we deal with divorce. What happens when one person in a marriage simply and totally does not want to stay married? How can one person fix the problems the other has no intention of working on? And, for all of us, how do we treat the divorced and/or single parent families in our lives?

Yeah, it's a big episode, but it's a good episode.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Join Luke and That Catholic Couple for a MeetUp at the FOCUS: SEEK Conference in San Antonio on January 6th!

THANK YOU SPONSOR! We want to thank Cherubalm.com for their continued support of the show. Head to cherubalm.com/pages/our-mission and find out more about their mission and the organizations they support.

editing took so long because I let my 5 year old do it all.

editing took so long because I let my 5 year old do it all.

68 What Do We Do Now

We talk about needing one another and what that looks like, and why so many things are against it. One of our refined episodes, because we get into a lot of interesting stuff. Also, I think there's one F-Bomb in this episode from your old pal Gomer. Thank you, Cherubalm.com for sponsoring our show. Head over to CHERUBALM.COM/FOXES before the end of November for a 20% off discount! Thank you, Cherubalm for supporting this show.

67 Fr. Mike Schmitz's Face is the New Evangelization

This is our first time back in three weeks, having recorded the last two episodes originally as one long episode. Then Luke’s internet completely died in their classy, old apartment building, so we recorded late on Saturday night. But you’ve patiently waited on us, so we will giftyou with a special 2 hour episode! 

We start off with a return of 10 minute topics as our Hero Luke launches a GoFundMe Campaign for That Catholic Couple which met its goal in just 32 hours. 

Immediately following that we begin to argue with one another about Community Groups for 45 minutes, breaking the 10 minute limit. 

After that, we regrouped, I drank more wine, and we discuss Dr. Strange and crappy Marvel villains, Pop Culture, Who Gomer voted for in the Early Elections, Jimmy Eat World, and the podcast State of the Union.


We want to thank our unsponsor who unadvertised with our unpodcast, Cherubalm, makers of baby lotion bars that are great on skin and safe for cloth diapers, for giving us money not to talk about their family product. 

66 - Interview continues with Part Two

We dive into the Trumpster and the significance of his absurdist campaign, mocking the corrupt GOP (and DNC) who pretend to give us choice. Except Trump's money and celebrity allows to him bypass the entire Establishment and point a tiny finger at the absurdity at the heart of American politics. Also, I'm sick, so these are the show notes.

Thanks to BenSound.com for the theme music!
Thanks to the artist of this weird mashup of Trump and Hillary that I am using for the artwork.

65 - Interview with Tom LastNameRedacted Pt. 1

Tom <LastNameRedacted> is a friend and lawyer. You'd think the second one would invalidate the first one, and it almost did when he wrote us an angry letter last week! He invokes the Lukan Privilege to not mention last names or employer. Tom does mostly labor issues and personal injury defense litigation, which Luke pounces on to talk about the hottest topic at his office, what are his thoughts are on the new overtime labor law for salaried employees, like youth ministers.

Then we dive into the complicated nature of Catholics who favor social justice issues and used that to justify their vote for Obama 8 years ago, only to watch the Obama Administration restrict religious liberty only to those organizations that do services and promulgate the faith directly, so bye-bye hundreds of soup kitchens, homeless shelters, halfway houses, orphanages, and the corporal works of mercy!

Finally, we end with a rousing conversation about community, life, and family, which ends the civil part of the show.

  • https://www.dol.gov/featured/overtime
  • https://blog.dol.gov/2016/05/18/who-benefits-from-the-new-overtime-rule/
  • https://www.dol.gov/WHD/overtime/final2016/

Thanks to BenSound.com for the theme music!

64 Believe the Victim with Emily Navarro

Our first family member on the show, Luke's sister Emily shares the pain, embarrassment, and isolation from being a victim of sexual assault. She shares with us the struggle of being ignored or blamed instead of loved. She also shares how this crap is still going on in her life with a previous employer at a billion dollar company.

Also, every time Luke and Emily walk down memory lane, I play "The Girl from Ipanema" elevator song. So yeah, you're going to love that song by the end of the show.

Finally, Trumps comments from 11 years ago are disgusting, but what is even more disgusting is the way people are defending those comments. I have to delete my Facebook account. This is too much. 

And yes, I'm a bear.

63 Under the Table with a Syro-Phoenician Woman

We are the Syro-Phoenician Woman. You are the scraps that fall from the Master's table. Wait. This sounded better in my head a minute ago. 

In this episode we talk COMMUNITY GROUPS! ...or Life Groups... or Cell Groups, or House Church Groups, or Small Faith Groups, or 242 Groups or Connect Groups or Discipleship Groups or ...whatever.

Then Gomer tells Luke he is done with his need for approval from people at the parish. He's ready to take it to the next level, job be damned! (but pleeeease don't let it be damned! I love working there.)

Here's the talkie talk I gave at the Encounter Houston young adult conference called Intimacy with God.