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Catching Foxes

72 A Man Who Let the Fire Fall

"Father Mike was my brother..."

And with these words from Father Dave Pivonka, Franciscan TOR, we begin our Catching Foxes memorial of Fr. Mike Scanlan. To us, he was a spiritual giant, shaping our entire lives as well as the landscape of Catholicism in America. A Harvard Lawyer, a Roman Catholic priest, a Franciscan Friar, a Dean, a pivotal figure in the Charismatic Renewal, a pro-life legend, Fr Michael Scanlan, born 1931 in Long Island and died last Saturday, January 7, 2017, after a protracted illness, lived a singular life of grace.

In this episode Luke and I speak of his impact on our lives, which curiously ebbed and flowed with the homily Fr. Dave Pivonka gave at the University’s Memorial Service on January 11. So I commingled Fr. Dave’s words with our own discussion, as well as including a few choice quotes Franciscan University had gathered together so that you can get a sense of the man.

It is our sincere hope that you pray with Fr. Dave at the end of this episode and let Christ be the Lord of your life and let his Holy Spirit lead you into the path of peace. Fr Mike was a good man, a true priest, and a beautiful witness that God is still moving in our world today.

So here, on the day he was laid to rest at his Motherhouse in Loretto, Pennsylvania, Thursday, January 12, 2017, we hope that you too can trust God enough to LET THE FIRE FALL."

Franciscan University of Steubenville prepared a lovely homepage, "A Life of Grace," for Father Michael Scanlan, TOR to remember him and honor his life. You can find that here. Well done, Alma Mater!

This is the website to the Third Order Regular Franciscans to which Fr. Michael and Fr. Dave Pivonka both belonged: http://franciscanstor.org/ 

Lastly, buy this book: Let the Fire Fall, third edition 

Michael Gormley