Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart

Catching Foxes

63 Under the Table with a Syro-Phoenician Woman

We are the Syro-Phoenician Woman. You are the scraps that fall from the Master's table. Wait. This sounded better in my head a minute ago. 

In this episode we talk COMMUNITY GROUPS! ...or Life Groups... or Cell Groups, or House Church Groups, or Small Faith Groups, or 242 Groups or Connect Groups or Discipleship Groups or ...whatever.

Then Gomer tells Luke he is done with his need for approval from people at the parish. He's ready to take it to the next level, job be damned! (but pleeeease don't let it be damned! I love working there.)

Here's the talkie talk I gave at the Encounter Houston young adult conference called Intimacy with God.

Michael Gormley