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Just Soak This In and Tell Me We Don't Need Drastic Change

"The majority of self-identified Catholics!"  This is the shape of our faith today. 51% of people don't go, don't know, and don't care. They identify, but don't believe. They accept the label, but don't follow the Lord. They write "Catholic" on forms, but not their hearts.

71% of former Catholics "no longer have any religious affiliation." 

Do you understand what this means? Those who were enlightened by the gift of Baptism, but probably never enlightened by the gift of a living, personal faith, are in no way, shape or form adoring Christ Jesus. They might know his name and a few scattered stories, but they are not making life decisions in order to give Him honor and glory. He is not being worshipped by these 71% anymore! This breaks my heart.

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