Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart

Catching Foxes

41 - Gomer Sings A Lot

The State Legislature of North Carolina passed a law that interferes with a Charlotte discrimination bill that, in part, allowed for transgendered people to choose which bathroom and locker room to use. Donald Trump thinks North Carolina should have left well enough alone, and Ted Cruz is all for the law.

(Also, This episode has chapters... although I forgot to URL them. If you have a podcast app that supports chapters, I think you should be able to skip around.)


  • 00:00:01    Bill in North Carolina
  • 00:01:37    Isn’t America Exploding Already
  • 00:04:54    The Extremes aren’t extreme anymore
  • 00:06:08    Luke bashes the anti-trans meme
  • 00:09:35     Gomer goes epistemological on Transgenderism
  • 00:14:15    Luke is so done with people who think they own truth
  • 00:20:44    Gomer offers some stolen advice
  • 00:21:29    JD Flynn is so great
  • 00:24:11    Christianity, GOP and Left/Right Dualism
  • 00:29:16    Obama is not the Devil
  • 00:33:20    Joy of Love and Consciences
  • 00:41:55    The Boss and Bathrooms
  • 00:443:01    Brave New World
  • 00:45:54    I Hate The Benedict Option
  • 00:49:01    Star Wars Rogue One
  • 00:51:00    Music Recommendations
  • 00:54:55    That Catholic Couple YouTube Interview
  • 00:55:35    Dadness
  • 00:56:44    Closing Remarks!

Luke launches into pure rage mode, but against the anti-trans memes that are going around, because it sounds like we're saying, "Here. Let me tell you how dumb you are. Now join our side!"

Gomer dives a little bit into the Left/Right Dualism in America that is so divisive, and why the GOP chose to make Abortion a central platform issue since the 80's.

Then we talk Rogue One, a Star Wars Story.

Also, on Saturday, April 24th, at Noon Central Time, we will be interviewed by That Catholic Couple live on YouTube