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ALL THE TALKS! (Theology of the Body Week 2015)

Here is a direct list of all my Theology of the Body Week talks at my parish. Just finished this last week and it was a ton of fun. This week was for ANYONE ages 15+. I wanted parents and teens together listening to the truth about human love in the divine plan.

TOBWeek is in 5 sessions, recorded from Sunday night to Thursday night. Each evening had approximately 185 adults and students in attendance. We had singles, married couples, parents, teens, a few middle schoolers snuck in, and a priest! We had lifelong Catholics and new converts and even non-Catholics wanting to hear Saint Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body

Listen to them in order. There's plenty of inside jokes that build on each other.

Also, I fell down a flight of stairs while holding my 18 month old son about 20 minutes before the third talk and really hurt my right ankle. I edited the part out where I talk about it, but half way through I make some big commotion about needing to stand up and walk around. Yeah, that's the context.