Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



So I am writing a book...

It's a chicken and my oldest daughter.

It's a chicken and my oldest daughter.

I'm the type of person who gets an idea and then tells everyone about it before I have even started. If I would have had better follow through, there would be about 5 or 6 books out there with my name on the title page. I was planning on writing a short, two volume series called, The Ethic of Life and The Ethic of Love, which would put into lay terms the Catholic Church's teaching on sexual and medical morality. I think I maybe wrote a few paragraphs.

Then there was that time back when I was a youth minister that I almost wrote that sweet book on the new approaches to youth ministry that was cooking in my head for a few years. I never even came up with a title or outline. Just, "I should do this, but be I actually do, I should tell everyone about this first."

There was that book idea on preaching sermons from a kerygmatic perspective. And that one which I actually spoke with a rep from a publisher on a kerygma-centered proclamation within the context of sacrament preparation in the parish. And that time I wanted to write about productivity...

I have a lot of friends in the speaker circuit who tell me all of the time, "You need to write a book. You need something to sell." One person told me the merch she sells in one weekend will sometimes generate enough for a mortgage payment. Another said once they published a book they doubled their speaking fees.

And here I am, like an idiot, giving all of my stuff away on SoundCloud!

Either way, I'm writing a book. I have 14,000 words on paper, with about 800 new words every evening when I can find the time to write. It's a book on the topic of culture, intersecting lines of thought between the world of evangelization, business, art, urban planning, saints, violence, apologetics and sex. I'm taking a brief break from writing in order to write this blog post. 

I'm writing this blog post, instead of the book, because I need you to pray for me. This is difficult and maddening. It ain't easy! But it's good. Some I will keep on truckin'. Or something. Maybe I will tell you the title soon.

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