Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



Pope Pius XII on Personal Faith (and Dead Faith)

We know that you are very proud in a holy way to be known as Christians; we realize that you are aware of the great gift of supernatural faith, that was infused in you at Baptism . . .But sometimes this faith is without spirit, it is dead, it sleeps in the memory as in a closed book. It is not alive, it is not working, it is not capable of giving life. The formulas that some recite with distractions do not become the soul of their actions. Thus it happens that many times their faith is not apparent.

But also realize that without the life-giving waters of prayer and personal sacrifices the seed, sown with care, cannot put down roots and grow. Realize that all good beginnings perish, that all the willing and doing remain necessarily paralyzed and dead, if the grace of Jesus Christ and the powerful breath of the Holy Spirit do not confer life, strength and efficacy. Realize that with mere necessary organization not much is accomplished; what is decisive is the contribution of those Christians who, rooted in a strong personal faith, act because they are animated by such faith.
— Pope Pius XII, 1947
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