Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



Amazing Growth

My friend Luke and I do a podcast show together, Catching Foxes, which discusses the convergence of pop culture and faith, and it's for young adults. It's really for anyone, but the target is young adults who have some affiliation with their Catholic Christian faith.

One of the main principles of the show is the need for discussion and not instruction. There are plenty of better podcasts that can explain to you the what's and why's of Christian belief and practice, but we want to discuss it. We want to go in depth about how much we struggle with it, suck at it, and triumph in it. In short, we are trying to be as authentically us as possible. We were sick of constantly consuming great media and decided to start creating. We know we aren't amazing, but we are us, and that's all that matters.

Yeah, it is explicit. You won't find many Christian podcasts that are, though there are a few. It's explicit because sometimes we cuss. We think it's funny. If you don't and are turned off by that, then you probably shouldn't listen.

Luke is the king of social media and I'm the guy who edits it together. I'm learning Logic Pro X and stumbling greatly along the way. If you engage with us on Twitter or Facebook, you're probably talking to Luke. He's good like that.

As our fan base is slowly (slooooowly) growing, we just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!!" for making our podcast recognized by the iTunes "New and Noteworthy" features section. People have left 5 star reviews and great comments, as well as subscribed. In the iTunes world, there is no better compliment you can pay to a creator than hitting that "Subscribe" button. So that you, 406 people who have subscribed to the Catching Foxes feed. 

You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are making our creative endeavor meaningful.