Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



Thou Art a Priest Forever

This is one of my best friends, the artist formerly known as Matt Fenter, now Father Paul Kostka, SCJ, as he receives his priestly ordination from the Archbishop of Denver, Colorado. I cried like a little girl the entire time.

After the Archbishop did the Imposition of Hands, all of their brother priests that attended the Ordination Mass on May 18 prayed over them as well. There were about 80+ priests there. I cried the entire time.

After the Imposition of Hands, there was the exchange of the Kiss of Peace. First the newly ordained exchanged the Kiss with the Archbishop and the other bishops presiding, then with every single one of the priests in attendance. Here is a priest that was Father Paul's spiritual director giving him a great big hug.

One of my favorite moments of the Mass of Ordination, the Archbishop fell to his knees and received the first blessing of the newly ordained. I cried. No doubt about it.