Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



New Podcast series

Veni, Sancte Spiritu! Come, Holy Spirit! 

This is the theme for Life Teen, Inc., and thus for all their Summer Camps. Last week I was priviledged to host a whole week, delivering the HS as best as I could. The fine folks at the camp (looking at you, J.P.) recorded many of my talks and turned 'em into mp3 files so that I could share with you all through my podcast just what I have been up to.

The first one is the opening talk of the week, so there is a lot of invitations being extended to people who may not want or be ready for a relationship with the living God. We go easy on them because we don't want to push people away right off the bat. Faith is a big deal. We ought not to assume that everyone is open and ready to "go deeper" or "lean in" to it.

Also, I kinda, sorta completely ignored the outlines offered for the talks for the week. Two reasons for this: first, the Summer Camps have a sub-theme, which was "Epic Adventure" and all of the talks followed this sub-theme instead of the Veni Sancte Spiritu theme. This was a huge mistake, in my opinion. So I concentrated all of my talks on the Holy Spirit and how He relates to each topic of the Epic days. My second reason for doing this was that camp ended on Saturday, and that very next day was Pentecost Sunday. Each day was really an immersion into the reality of Pentecost, building the teens and chaperones into a solid state of anticipation and reception for whatever the Spirit wanted to do in their lives.  Now, I am not saying the talks handed to me were horrible, but that they were outside of what I wanted to do, and the great thing is that Life Teen trusts us hosts to do just that, within reason.

Anywho, I hope that you enjoy the talk as much as I enjoyed giving it. The rest of them will follow as time progresses.


Peace. gomer. yeah.