Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart



This New Project

This website is going to represent for me, Mike Gormley, a new project. For a long time I have been focusing on the practice of Christian living in this post-modern world, especially among youth and young adults. I was a parish-based youth minister for five years, but now my apostolate has changed from working in a parish, to becoming a full-time Lay Evangelist.

My project has always been about teaching the Truth of what Christ and His Church propose for belief and about making sense of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. In this day and age as man's technological achievement open up exciting new avenues of human power, it also brings with it moral challenges that require sound formation to avoid its dehumanizing potential.

My mission is to win over souls for Jesus Christ by showing them that the teachings of the Church on Christian living is truly life-giving, that it satisfies the desires of each and every person and brings us to that sure and perfect happiness, which is the union of man with God in Christ Jesus. Grace, sin, love, the natural moral law, the cardinal and theological virtues, and every human person's desire for happiness are all found in the authentic encounter of you with Him, in the love that never ends.


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