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38 - Dynamic Dream Pop with Emma Fradd

Emma Fradd is one to two artists for the band Interior Castle, self-described as "Dynamic Dream Pop", which is just about the coolest genre I've ever heard. 

In this interview you'll hear what it is really like trying to make it in the UK music scene, as well as the influences, tastes, and processes that drive a modern musician like Emma. You can find them on Facebook and here on the Interwebs. Here's an interview that he ugly brother, Matt Fradd, did on his website.

You get their 3 EPs on iTunes and Apple Music (Finished Dreaming, Listen and Talk, Buy Me Free) and they sound fantastic. She recommends some music, like:

And near the end Luke and I get into a huge argument over which is better, Vinyl vs. CD (clearly CD), and I shame all with science. SCIENCE! (sciiiiiiiience)