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Catching Foxes

33 I Don't Even Care If I Get Fired

Luke and I discuss Confirmation retreats, failure in Catholic schools and ministries, and the ongoing need for evangelization. Luke uses the "Who do you say that I am?" verse like 60 times in this episode, and he relates a sad story about the phrase "personal relationship with Jesus".

Here's the great Dr. Carole Brown article: The Problem with 'Not' Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus. This was a rebuttal piece to Dr. Jay Boyd's article critiquing Forming Intentional Disciples

But in catechetical practice, this model order must allow for the fact that the initial evangelization has often not taken place. A certain number of children baptized in infancy come for catechesis in the parish without receiving any other initiation into the faith and still without any explicit personal attachment to Jesus Christ; they only have the capacity to believe placed within them by Baptism and the presence of the Holy Spirit.
— Pope John Paul II, Catechesis in Our Times, 19

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