Till Christ Be Formed in Every Heart

Catching Foxes

09 Ten Minute Topic Showdown

Oh Man! This episode is intense! We had a whole group of topics that we wanted to talk about but haven't gotten around to them and so we came up with a new game plan. We spend 10 minutes on a topic and switch between pop culture and churchy stuff, taking turns on who picks what topic to discuss. 

We cover things like:

  • why EWTN only makes shows for old people that eat Werther's Originals,
  • institutional racism and the shooting of Sam DuBose,
  • YDisciple founder Jim Beckman, superhero of Catholic youth ministry
  • weddings, wedding fights, and marriage,
  • Luke's slight stutter and my "slight" weight gain,
  • a spoiler review of the movie Ant-Man and its almost anti-Paul-Ruddism,
  • Which immediately became about the Marvel Comic Universe, specially Avengers 2
  • and the upcoming DC movies- Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad
  • Parish life and reaching the people on the margins of faith
  • Then back to talk about The Joker and Suicide Squad.

Music by BenSounds.com