For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

Since 2008 we have seen the powerful and amazing results when you awaken the laity to their true identity and mission in Christ Jesus.

This is me, in my bearded glory, in Canada with Jackie Francois and Bob Rice. 

This is me, in my bearded glory, in Canada with Jackie Francois and Bob Rice. 

Our Mission

Everyone has an agenda. Some choose to hide theirs. And because I'm not a fan of hiding or playing games with the Gospel, here is my mission statement, plain and simple: Promoting the new evangelization of the Catholic Church through preaching, teaching, and spiritual formation

I partner with parishes to do events that matter. This means that they are connected to the life and mission of the parish or organization that I partner with. You already have a lot going on, why would you want to bring in a canned speaker with a canned talk.  You need something that can pivot with the moving needs of your people.

I call it "Missional Continuity". I do not want to present some stand-alone event, whether its for youth ministry, adult faith formation, or a parish mission. I want to build upon your foundations. I want to connect with the things that come before and after my event. We have to ditch the drive-by ministry. I want to be a catalyst, not the engine, of change and spiritual growth in your parish or organization. Let's partner together.

Your talk changed my life. I always struggled with my faith, but you taught me that part of having faith is the struggle to understand. You taught me that Christ loves a seeker. This will help me as I leave for MIT next Fall.
— Young Woman at a 2014 Steubenville Youth Conference

What We've Achieved

  • Developed Life Teen's Summer Camp catechesis for 6 years.
  • Assisted on three committees to develop and implement the Archdiocesan Lifelong Learning Curriculum.
  • Built a life-changing Catechist Training Day program that turns catechists into evangelists.
  • Created annual parish missions that confronted comfortable Catholicism in the average pew sitter.
  • Collaborated with for their Lenten #ShareJesus campaign, pulling in tens of thousands of views through social media.
  • Creation of "Catholic Evangelism 101" courses for a weekly or all-day workshop.
  • Trained parish and ministry leaders across the country using Sherry Weddell's Forming Intentional Disciples and Dr. Scott Hahn's Evangelizing Catholics.
  • And so much more...