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What's different about LayEvangelist talks...

I do not charge per talk, rather I charge for my time. Within reason, if you hire me for a day, I can give multiple talks. I do it this way because you should not have to pay for the Gospel. You just pay me for my time, especially my time away from my family in both the presentation itself and the preparation time for the presentation. As long as it is discussed beforehand, when you fly me out for a talk, schedule a few more for your organization at no additional charge. You already have me in  your parish for a mission, why not add a staff retreat, training, or day of reflection on one of those days?


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Hiring Me Within the Archdiocese (LOCAL)

If you are a parish, school or event in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the speaker fee for a half-day session is $350, plus $50 for travel.

A whole-day event is $750, plus $50 for travel.

A standard three consecutive-day parish mission is $1,800, plus $50 a day for travel.

A weekend retreat for adults is $1,800 plus travel costs based on distance to the location of retreat site.

For local youth ministry events the costs are adjusted downwards to accommodate their budgets: $300 plus $50 travel for an evening session, $1,500 for a weekend overnight retreat, which is $50 for total travel, plus room and board. 

Hiring Me Outside of the Archdiocese (TRAVEL REQUIRED)

Most organizations hire me for an event, usually in the evenings. Even though I am speaking for just one event, maybe even giving just one talk, travel times still turn most events into a multi-day job for me. It is often too difficult to fly in and out of a town on the same day. With that in mind, these are my following speaker fees.

For one day events with same-day travel, regardless of how many talks you need, the speaker fee is $1,000, plus all travel expenses and meals.

For one day events with multi-day travel, there is an additional $500 added to the speaker fee. This means either flying out to the event the night before or waiting till the next morning to travel back home, the total cost is $1,500, plus travel expenses, meals, and also hotel lodging.

For multiple day events, the cost is $1,200 a day, plus travel expenses, meals and lodging. So for a weekend retreat that is Friday to Sunday, the speaker fee is $3,600 plus the additional travel expenses, meals, and lodging. For parish missions that will run from Sunday to Tuesday, the cost is $3,400. If you wish for me to make a mission pitch at all of the Sunday Masses, requiring me to fly out earlier on Saturday, the cost increases $500.

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