Here's just a small sampling of the new evangelization projects we've developed over the years.

LayEvangelist Parish Missions

Parish Missions for the rest of us...

Too often missions are done by professional Catholics who give canned presentations to a crowd that largely "gets it." LayEvangelist parish missions are not pleasant niceties meant to coddle the comfortable, nor are they belligerent judgmental rants. LayEvangelist missions preach the basic gospel message filled with spiritual insight connected to daily life. They make discipleship come alive and not only seem real, but desirable.



Evangelism and discipleship training

Every parish needs to get out of maintenance mode and into mission. We are losing 4 times as many adults than those that enter the Church every year. That's because we've taken our eyes off of the Gospel and put it on "Catholic Identity" or some other silliness. We have parishioners who are in the Church but are not of the Church, and that is dangerous. Let us remove your worries and fears and replace it with faith and hope in Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. 

Training and teaching is available for both staff and volunteers. One of the most effective forms of training is for the pastor to take his staff out for an off-site meeting. We pray, we break bread, and we discuss the new evangelization in the context of their own parish and community. 


Theology of the Body

My hero, St. Pope John Paul II, countered the materialism of our present age not with negative rants filled with condemnation, but with the power of the Gospel and the affirmation of the human person. "Human love in the Divine Plan" is the core of the Theology of the Body. I have taught this as a one hour presentation, a day long workshop, or a week long seminar. I have taught this to adults, parish staff, clergy, high school youth, college students, at marriage enrichment ministries and for parent education.

One big reason why otherwise good Catholics dissent from the Church's teaching on sexual morality is because they might know the conclusions, but they never understood the reasoning behind it. They had the what but never the why concerning contraception or pornography. JP2 gave us that why in a resounding, magnificent, affirming way that can bring about conversion.