AE 22: Against Self-Justification

A talk given to Franciscan University of Steubenville students about the games we play (Traddies, Charismaniacs, etc) to showcase our own righteousness and how it mocks Christ's death and resurrection.

We compare ourselves to others in an effort to make ourselves look better in our own eyes and in the eyes of God. These games are lies and they do not, and cannot, save us. 

The talk was inspired by a conversation the ministry team had over lunch. The problem was a spirit of active exclusivity on the part of one spirituality to dominate and shame another, even though both are totally legit in the eyes of the Church. A band member, a non-Catholic Christian who is involved in the New Monasticism movement, spoke about the contrast of Jesus' table fellowship and that of the Pharisees. Jesus is always out at other people's houses, and those people are typically outcasts (sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes), while the Pharisees are always at their houses with their own invited guests. The band member suggested that we confront this mentality.

So I did.