AE:07 God is Love

This was my talk, given at the start of a week long Catholic Summer Camp for high school students - Life Teen's Covecrest. It has some introductory remarks, followed by a brief theological comments on the Holy Spirit, as well as creating an invitational environment for people not wanting that whole Jesus thing.

Originally Recorded: June 6, 2011 at Covecrest Summer Camp, Tiger, GA

The only portion that I edited was the prayer at the end. Originally it went on for a few minutes and involved a lot of silence and me speaking quietly and not into the microphone. I just chopped it up and added the funky Scottish music in the background.

Also, the intro music does indeed drown me out in the first 20 seconds. Oh well. My recording studio is a desk in my daughter's bedroom. I'm limited, what can I say?

God love you. Enjoy!

Ep 07 God is Love