AE:04 Evangelization Inside Your Catechesis

Episode 004
Evangelization Inside Your Catechesis

Description: The Church in America has seemingly left behind her call to be an evangelizing Church, though Pope Paul VI said "The Church exists in order to evangelize..." We need to recover this original mission, both ad gentes (to outsiders) as well as the new evangelization (to nominal Catholics).

We have the assumption that Catholics who come to the parish for catechesis already enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, but that cannot be taken for granted. Too often today, youth and adults have never heard an initial proclamation of the Good News, have never been invited into the mystery of Christ, and thus have no desire for maturation in the Christian mystery because they never really accepted it in the first place.

This episode takes a retreat for Catholic School Juniors that I recently led and shows you how I wove pre-evangelization, evangelization and catechesis into the event. I hope this is beneficial for you and your own ministries inside and outside the Church. Peace.

Evangelization Inside Your Catechesis