AE:03 Eucharist - Now and Forever

Episode 003
Eucharist - Now and Forever

Description: This is a live recording of a talk that I gave to the parents of CCE students at a local parish church, Saint Laurence Catholic Church in Sugar Land, Texas. The purpose of this talk was to evangelize all of the parents with the basic Gospel message, while showing how the Eucharist was the Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith. You will hear me reference the 6 Covenants of Salvation History, which is from the biblical theology of Dr. Scott Hahn at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

We walk through all the made stages of God the Father's self-revelation to His people, showing that as He grows His human family, He never stops growing the intimacy that He desired for us "from the beginning." So we start in the Garden of Eden and progress to the Garden of Gethsemane, showing how the logic of the Eucharist was present from the beginning.

For more information on covenant theology, see Dr. Hahn's website at www.salvationhistory.com

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